Ieva founded this brand out of a great love for nails and the desire to provide high-quality manicure products to craftspeople. Since becoming a manicurist in 2013, the vast experience she has gained over the past decade allows her to dive deep and to perfect every single product, down to the smallest detail.


Create opportunities for high-quality results and convenience in your work. Help increase our number of loyal and paying customers by providing a high level of service. Encourage creativity and enjoyment in your work.

We are delighted with the growing ROJA Professional community worldwide. We are grateful that more and more people are deciding to try our products and become loyal customers for years.


We love to share our knowledge! In 2017, Ieva started her career as a manicure instructor and began sharing her vast knowledge, not only in live training sessions but also on social media. We focus on creating high-quality content and making sure our craftspeople can work safely and confidently, to let their creativity shine through.

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The designs of the first Roja Professional products were quite “teenage”, as the brand was created by Ieva when she was just 22 years old. Over time, freedom and creativity have become Ieva's and the company's greatest values. Currently, we have suffused the brand with aesthetics and minimalism.