Payment methods

Roja Professional offers secure payment methods. All online
shop is housed in a modern and secure environment. Below you will find descriptions of all the available payment methods, so you can choose the one that suits you best. All prices on the website are inclusive of VAT. If
you are unsure about how to pay, please contact our customer service

Pay with Visa or MasterCard

When paying for an order using a credit or debit card, please first choose the right credit or debit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa. When paying, please enter your card number, confirmation number, expiry date and your name in the relevant fields. You may be asked to enter a password. Due to processes designed to prevent internal fraud, orders paid by credit or debit card may be delayed by one business day.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal payment method allows you to pay quickly and securely. No more stressing over entering your card details or your address multiple times - pay using your email address and password. When you pay with PayPal, your information will always remain private.

Payment Confirmation

After you have paid for your order in the way you have chosen, you will receive a confirmation of your order purchase to the email address you have provided